Lori Hock, Chief Executive Officer, Hudson RPOLori Hock, Chief Executive Officer
In business, the most critical decisions you make are around the people you hire. Hudson RPO’s selection assessments are aligned to our desired competencies, allowing us to make informed decisions while minimizing hiring mistakes. Hudson RPO is wonderful to work with and very accommodating.” A testimonial like this speaks for itself and to the value that Hudson RPO is bringing to the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) industry. Jeff Eberwein, Global CEO for Hudson RPO, says, “Our clients speak from experience when they talk about the high levels of service they receive during key stages of RPO contract implementation. We are immensely pleased to receive positive feedback.”

Over the years, Hudson RPO has scripted many such success stories by assisting their clients, right from the RPO to employer branding, and across the complete life cycle of their recruitment requirements. Hudson RPO laid their foundation back in 1999 and has since delivered innovative and customized recruitment outsourcing and talent solutions to organizations worldwide.

"After completing the sale of Hudson Global’s recruitment agencies and talent management businesses last year, “we have got down to what we think are the ‘crown jewels’"

Let’s talk talent

One of the most significant challenges in recruitment is responding to the rapid changes in hiring demand by region or country. Agility and innovation are the engines that power the race for skilled human capital. Whether companies have 30 people in one office, or 30,000 people spanning three continents, talent acquisition should move with the pace of the business. Thus, driven by factors such as innovative products, emerging marketplaces, and new technologies, many companies have been forced to rethink how they go to market for their recruitment needs. Once a business decides to partner with a company to outsource its high volume recruitment, it becomes essential to strike a balance between cost and finding the right partner. Enter Hudson RPO, through their consultative approach; they design tailored solutions to meet their clients’ strategic growth initiatives. This means placing the right people, in the correct position, at the right time. As a trusted advisor, the firm meets its commitments, deliver quality and value, and always aim to exceed expectations.

Enterprise end-to-end RPO

Hudson RPO provides end-to-end RPO solutions, which can take care of every piece of the talent puzzle—attracting candidates, screening and assessing them, scheduling interviews, onboarding colleagues, monitoring compliance, and conducting exit interviews. At the beginning of the client’s RPO journey, a senior strategy team will develop a tailored solution, and an implementation expert will manage the launch of the project.

An end-to-end recruitment partnership with Hudson RPO is an enterprise-focused process custom-built for every company. The firm’s full lifecycle recruitment strategies streamline hiring while positioning your organization for long-term hiring success. End-to-end recruitment includes recruitment marketing, determining must-have skills for each role, candidate sourcing, and research. Hudson RPO ensures that this also includes employer branding, candidate screening and assessments, candidate engagement, at-the-ready talent pipelining, interview scheduling, interviewing, contract negotiations, and finally, onboarding.

Project RPO

Project RPO is similar to end-to-end RPO, particularly in terms of service design and capability. The main difference, however, is that project RPO tends to be delivered as a short-term solution (in weeks or months). Project recruitment is the most valuable solution when there are chronic hiring backlogs, expansions into new sales territories or markets, new organizational initiatives and product launches, and gaps in the hiring process.

When accompanies receive a project, and there is a need to fill roles to accomplish that project at this phase, companies engage with Hudson RPO for RPO project support. The firm provides flexible recruiting solutions that help manage pressing talent acquisition tasks so that companies can focus on long-range goals and employee engagement. “Successful contract implementation sets the tone for the entire RPO lifecycle. So, when you consider that we also rank in the top three for making it affordable to add program enhancements, managing staffing operations, and improving clients’ overall talent acquisition function, it becomes clear how dedicated we are to helping drive customer success,” mentions Eberwein. This flexible recruitment partnership gives the companies the backup they need during critical growth phases and unexpected hiring demands. It also helps with hiring backlogs, hard-to-fill roles, and hiring process problems–which take a toll on talent quality, current employee morale, and business outcomes.

On-demand recruitment

Organizations experience fluctuations in hiring need, from times when hiring slow down to times when hiring picks up the pace. Thus, companies struggle to meet a sudden demand for talent, and they look out for an on-demand recruitment provider who can radically improve their talent acquisition outcomes. To fulfill their clients’ needs, Hudson RPO’s On-demand recruitment solutions are designed for any recruitment-related demand that the companies have in a short time frame, including sourcing, recruiting, screening, interviewing, or technology.

To create customized solutions to meet the client’s precise needs, Hudson RPO leverages global resources to find the right candidates—even for difficult-to-fill positions. It also provides metrics, service levels agreements, and benchmarking and furnishes more sophisticated recruitment processes, best practices, and technology tools. Thereby reduces risk by eliminating fixed overhead and avoiding redundancy costs and improving the employer brand image in the marketplace.

Our clients speak from experience when they talk about the high levels of service they receive during key stages of RPO contract implementation. We are immensely pleased to receive positive feedback

Carving a Unique Niche into the Future

Hudson RPO offers scalable solutions that can help all types of industries, such as pharmaceuticals, financial services, media, medical devices, and customer services. For instance, Hudson RPO’s pharmaceutical talent specialists recruit for the complete life cycle of drug development. Whether the companies are looking to grow a team of biotechnologists, medical science liaisons, high-performing salespeople, or any other operational role, Hudson RPO helps them find the right people. This ultimately assists the clients as they obtain a deep recruitment experience across the full pharmaceutical product lifecycle. Furthermore, recruitment for media organizations isn’t like any other industry recruitment. Even in the media industry, Hudson RPO is the best recruitment partner who understands niche media talent and assists its clients in keeping pace with the evolution of the industry. It provides the industry expertise, customization, speed, and flexibility and becomes a partner to grow with their clients’ needs.

After completing the sale of Hudson Global’s recruitment agencies and talent management businesses last year, “we have got down to what we think are the ‘crown jewels’,” states Eberwein. “We have got to a position where we have a clean company just focused on RPO and RPO-related work—which we think is the future of recruitment—and with cash and a good global RPO business. We are excited about where we are going.” The company has also launched a program to boost organic growth by improving its technology offering. “It is increasingly important to our business and clients that we use the latest technology tools, such as artificial intelligence, that are changing how recruitment is done,” he says. In addition to its core markets of the US, the UK, and Australia, the company’s key growth markets would be Germany, France, and Belgium, as well as Asia, including China in the upcoming years