Terry Terhark, Founder and CEO, NXTThing RPOTerry Terhark, Founder and CEO
The COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted severe damage on global economies and businesses alike. The recruitment industry, too, has been no stranger to the adverse consequences spurred by the crisis. Seemingly overnight, in-person interviews turned into a thing of the past. Lockdowns and other government regulations forced companies to shut down, and resultantly, many organizations furloughed their internal talent acquisition teams or even laid them off. However, as the world bounces back from the COVID crisis, most companies are in haste to resume operations through high-volume hiring. This is where NXTThing RPO is moving the needle with high-quality recruitment solutions to hire game-changing talent.

With a uniquely blended service model of innovation, technology, and personal connections, NXTThing RPO provides market-leading, differentiated RPO services and solutions that can change the way enterprises recruit talent. With multiple delivery options and a world-class leadership team, the company is committed to the success of its clients' hiring initiatives.

In an interview with the editorial team of Manage HR, Terry Terhark, Founder, and CEO of NXTThing RPO discusses at length how they educate companies on external and internal talent challenges and rebuild talent acquisition processes from the ground up.

Could you provide a brief overview of NXTThing RPO?

NXTThing RPO helps companies hire the right talent. As companies outsource their recruiting function to us, we essentially become their talent acquisition or staffing department. With over 20 years of experience in the recruitment market, I’ve established and grown several highly successful enterprise technology brands. The previous organization I had founded, employed about a thousand recruiters and client relationship managers and was eventually acquired by Automatic Data Processing (ADP). After leading ADP's global talent acquisition business, I started NXTThing RPO about three years ago, and we've been growing drastically since then. Today, we cater to almost all industries, from life sciences and financial services to retail, manufacturing, and more. We help companies hire for a variety of positions, from entry-level to senior employees. Our clients outsource either a portion or all of their recruitment needs to us. By melding technology with expert resources, we manage the recruitment process better, faster, and more economically. As the recruitment landscape changes rapidly, we invest in the right technology to help our clients with all their recruitment needs.

How does NXTThing RPO help companies cope with the current recruitment challenges?

Every client is different; we understand the need to deliver a customized or configured solution for each company. We can help our clients with immediate needs by successfully deploying a team right away without any delay, unlike most RPO players in the market. We are highly adaptable and are able to get a team up and working for our clients merely in a day. Our capability to quickly hire the right talent has helped numerous clients facing high-volume recruiting challenges.

Resonating with our company's tagline—The Experience Matters—we are guided by our highly-experienced and talented professionals and excellent resources. What differentiates us is that we are nimble, quick, and incredibly flexible to design and implement a viable solution for any recruitment challenge our clients might encounter. I firmly believe that recruitment is truly a combination of technology and expertise, and with years of experience and talent-designed technology we have the right resources to find and recruit candidates that other people just can't find.

Please elaborate on the different kinds of services you offer.

We offer flexible service offerings that allow our clients to choose either one service or many while building an insourced or outsourced model. The various recruitment services we offer are:

What differentiates us is that we are nimble, quick, and incredibly flexible in building a customized a viable solution for any recruitment challenge our clients might encounter

• Enterprise RPO

When a company wants to outsource its entire recruiting function to us, we offer a full-service (end-to-end) solution from pipelining, sourcing, screening, to administration and on-boarding the right talent for all the openings listed by our client. Our recruitment solution is infused with innovative technology, analytics, and candidate nurturing campaigns.

• Project Based RPO

We offer Project Based RPO service when a company is faced with a short-term need for recruiting candidates within tight timelines for difficult-to-fill jobs. For instance, we helped one of our clients, a healthcare provider, whose internal recruitment team was tasked with hiring hundreds of technicians across the country. While we managed all high-volume recruitment needs for this project, they were able to focus on the critical recruitment for corporate roles and more.

• Hybrid RPO

We offer Hybrid RPO services when companies require additional recruitment support. We complement or supplement the recruitment team and take responsibility in managing certain areas of our clients’ hiring campaign while their internal recruiters handle the rest.

Could you shed light on the client engagement approach you follow?

It all starts with the job openings that our clients currently have. Once we engage with a client, we assign the appropriate resources, conduct an intake meeting and decide on the technology to leverage. We examine all that the client has already done in terms of posting the job on Indeed or LinkedIn to understand why the recruitment campaign failed to yield desired results. Ultimately, it all comes down to how we source the passive candidates. The level of direct recruiting we manage for our clients is well beyond any other company in the space.

We reach out to candidates, engage them, and share the details and answer questions about the position. Once we identify a prospect, we carry out the screening process as per our clients’ criteria (interview, resume review, and more.) Based on the candidate’s performance, we refer the selected candidates to the client. Following this, the client conducts an in-person or nowadays a video-based interview with the candidate. Along with scheduling interviews, we manage all communications with the candidates and inform the hiring managers on applicant flow as well as the number and quality of candidates in the pipeline. Finally, when the client decides to make an offer, we communicate the verbal offer with the candidate and prepare and send the written offer letter. We follow a well-defined client engagement process, which in a nutshell, entails setting strategy, sourcing, screening, and presenting top talent to our clients.

Could you cite a client success story?

We helped one of our clients, a retailer with about 1500 stores across the U.S. and Canada, to navigate the recruitment challenges caused by the pandemic. When they resumed business after shutting their stores due to the lockdown, they found that most of the part-time employees and seasonal workers had quit their jobs. To this end, the retailer was faced with a challenge to hire 5,000 employees within 30 days. There was a tremendous urgency to find people quickly all across the country. We stepped in, worked with their executives to understand their needs, and built a solution that can be implemented in every store and location. We put the technology in place to source candidates and interview them quickly to help the retailer hire the right talent. We were incredibly successful and proud that we saved the retailer millions of dollars, which they would otherwise spend on recruitment and staffing. As a result, they have outsourced all their hiring operations to us on a go-forward basis, thereby enabling us to strengthen our partnership.

What are your plans for the future?

We grew remarkably last year, far greater than any other company in the RPO space. We look to grow exponentially in the coming years and expand our global footprint. While most RPOs offer the same solutions for years, we are building a differentiated technology that is immediately deployable with expert resources. In the next five years, I see an excellent opportunity for us to change the way the market has perceived and defined RPO.