Donald Black is the president and CEO of Benchmark RPO, Benchmark RPODonald Black is the president and CEO of Benchmark RPO,Benchmark RPO
In the 1990s, when RPO stood for Run/Pass Option, I sat next to a businessman from India on a flight and we discussed the possibility of outsourcing U.S. recruiting work. At the time I was running the recruiting department of the top U.S. engineering job board, and I saw the value in supporting our American recruitment efforts with India-based recruiters. Soon after we initiated our relationship a recession ensued, and we never fully launched our project.

A few years later I was running a boutique I.T. recruiting company, and when we needed help, I once again turned to India for help. After scouring the internet for days, I finally found a single company in India that was doing U.S. recruiting. My, how the times have changed.

We hired a couple of recruiters from them, but they could never quite understand what our needs were. The candidates presented to us were usually off-target, fake, or H1b when we needed U.S. citizens. Despite repeatedly explaining these issues to them, they simply could not comprehend and we terminated the contract.

We tried with new companies, and found the issues to be the same. In addition, it was obvious that our “full-time exclusive” recruiters were being hired out to multiple clients at the same time.

Once we hired an offshore recruiter that went by the name of Albert Thomas. We spent considerable time training Albert, and just when he was starting to catch on, he forgot everything we taught him. So we trained him again. Then, after another month, he forgot 100% of what he was taught, and was back to business as usual. This behavior repeated until we wised up and realized that we kept getting a new Albert about every month. Of course the RPO denied it, and it became the ongoing joke in our office: which Albert would work that day?

Despite the horror stories, we were starting to get value from our Alberts. The savings were there, but it should have been so much more. If only we could find a reputable offshore operator that would treat us with honesty, integrity and transparency, and who would take the time to understand our needs and business culture, we could really grow our business.

The solution was obvious: I needed to operate my own offshore RPO.

The opportunity to take a position in Bangalore, India presented itself, and I jumped on it. After living and working in India for a year, I had developed relationships that would eventually transform into Benchmark RPO.

So my message to the owners and operators of staffing companies, IT consulting companies, software companies, or anyone that wants to benefit from the value of offshore recruiting is this: I’ve been there, I feel your pain.

Our Unique Value Proposition

For the cost of just one U.S. based recruiter, we can often provide you with a full team of offshore recruiters.

Benchmark RPO is small and agile, preserving the flexibility to adapt to our client’s needs. At times we will partner with larger, trusted partners to handle enterprise clients.

What is it we do best? Provide substantial cost savings on recruitment costs without sacrificing quality. Having been a U.S. client of multiple RPOs in the past, I can easily see things from my client’s point of view. We close the industry’s integrity gap by providing the same services that I sought after when I was hiring RPO’s to build my own recruitment business.

Realisticly, What Kind of Savings Should I Expect?

Let’s say that your business is growing, and that you need to add an I.T. recruiter to your staff. Here are two competing models:

Employ Benchmark RPO

What can you get from us for this amount?
• 1 Recruitment team lead
• 2 Senior recruiters
• 2 Junior recruiters
• 1 Sourcing specialist
• 1 Recruitment coordinator
• All taxes, benefits and infrastructure covered
• ATS, multiple job boards, LinkedIn
• Proprietary database
• Ongoing professional training
• No long-term commitment

Note: Costs vary based on industry, resources required, team size, etc. Does not include small placement bonuses on closed placements.

What is a Typical Engagement Model?

The basic model is that you get a recruiter or recruiters, they work from our office, and we supply them with workspace, hard and soft tools, training and supervision. Your recruiter works for you, during your hours, as if he/she were any other recruiter in your office.

Some clients need us to handle full lifecycle recruitment, which we can assign senior recruiters or a full recruitment team to perform.

If you are looking for the broad range of RPO services offered by a Baker’s Dozen RPO, we are not the fit for you. We are a simple company with a simple mandate: provide high-quality recruiters at a low cost

Other clients prefer offshore recruiters to support their U.S.-based recruiters. This model greatly increases the productivity of your valued employees by designating their more time-consuming and tedious tasks to the offshore team, freeing up your recruiter to focus on closures.

Is Benchmark RPO a Good Fit for you?

If you are looking for the broad range of RPO services offered by a Baker’s Dozen RPO, then we are not the fit for you. We are a simple company with a simple mandate: provide high quality recruiters at a low cost.

If that appeals to you, contact us and we can discuss your specific wants and needs. To minimize your risk, we offer a free 2-week trial.