Gary Johnson, Co-Founder, Executive Vice President and COO, Bear Staffing ServicesGary Johnson, Co-Founder, Executive Vice President and COO
“For companies with high-volume recruiting needs, the pressure to find a large number of qualified candidates in a short span of time never goes away. Worse yet, most of their HR departments are small and fall short on the time and resources required to strategically recruit in large numbers. We specialize in repetitive hiring on a high-volume basis,” says Gary Johnson, co-founder, executive vice president, and COO of Florida-based Bear Staffing Services. Also, more often than not, employee turnover tends to be higher for mass recruitment and temporary staffing. Bear Staffing Services undertakes all the tasks and legwork with respect to high-volume hiring across single or multiple locations, be it from a temp/temp-to-hire or a contingent cost-per-hire RPO standpoint.

The company utilizes both “boots on the ground” approach as well as a sourcing center with a centralized team to manage recruitment across all client locations. Johnson goes on to emphasize that a single dedicated team, working with a client over and over again, not only understands the client’s recruitment preferences better but also ensures uniformity in service levels across all locations. Repeatedly hiring for the same position, the team at Bear Staffing Services excels at recruiting high-quality talent, and ultimately, serves as an extension of clients’ HR team.

Case in point: Bear Staffing Services assisted one of its clients, a company with over 100 locations nationwide, which needed consistent service level across all of their brick-and-mortar recruitment initiatives. They had previously employed multiple recruiters for each location, which made it difficult to attain the uniformity in service levels that they were seeking. Partnering with Bear Staffing Services solved the predicament effectively, and the client has since delegated many of their branches’ recruitment to Bear Staffing Services. Johnson recalls how the client appreciated Bear Staffing Services at one of their annual meetings, acknowledging that they preferred to work with the company over other big-box players in the space.
What sets Bear Staffing Services a notch above other competitors is its unique approach to talent acquisition through its inverted recruitment model. It eliminates the problem of quick resignees associated with high volume recruitment via traditional models or instances where people sign up but don’t turn up. To filter out the roughly 20 percent of such “window shopping” candidates who would register for any recruitment campaign, Bear Staffing Services does not accept walk-in candidates and instead focuses on applicants that show genuine interest toward a campaign (which Bear Staffing Services actively promotes via SEO and other relevant marketing methods.) Potential candidates are evaluated based on their workplace productivity profiles and level of commitment to the job. “Recruiting has always been accepting and reviewing applications from everyone who applies for a job. It is a waste of time for both recruiters as well as candidates. We ‘invert’ that by permitting only qualified and committed candidates to first make through our gates, and then letting them pass through our clients’ doors. Be it with the ‘boots on the ground’ method or the centralized team, we select the candidates after they complete at least 3-4 procedures so that our clients have access to the best-fit talent,” asserts Johnson.

“Be it with the ‘boots on the ground’ method or the centralized team, we select the candidates after they complete at least 3-4 procedures so that our clients have access to the best-fit talent

With such comprehensive services, Bear Staffing Services serves a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, industrial, logistics, IT, medical, call center, administrative and government. In addition to temporary staffing and high volume recruitment, the company’s expertise includes resume harvesting and HR and Payroll services. Having carried out recruitments for over 1000 companies across various verticals, Bear Staffing Services knows that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach toward high volume recruitment; every client is unique. To that end, the company crafts solutions around the clients’ needs, breaking down recruitment-related issues into processes that can be measured, repeated, and improved.

Led by Johnson, along with co-founder Sherri Johnson— who leads the company as its president and CEO, Bear Staffing Services has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2005, and today has multiple offices across the US. Having carved a unique niche in the recruitment landscape, the company is working on ways to enhance applicant experience by primarily improving the speed to reach out and engage them—almost instantaneously by leveraging chatbots and automated response technologies. This is imperative for companies as today’s job market has become exceedingly competitive. In light of the rapidly changing business and technology landscape, Bear Staffing Services is keenly focused on consolidating and centralizing recruitment as much as possible to serve its clients in the best way possible.