Stephanie Tempo has been in the staffing industry for more than 20 years now. Having worked in every capacity of staffing from recruiter to VP of Sales, her career track record has been a steady progressive curve. Considering her ability to make high-stake decisions with experience-baked judgment and impeccable integrity, without a doubt, Stephanie is a seasoned veteran, and when she decided to start her own business, it was the determination to revive what staffing is, that led to the inception of All About Personnel (AAP).

Stephanie observed that most of the staffing companies have clients, not “partners.” She decided to be that partner for organizations, who listen to their needs, review, and research the market trends in their industries to create the best possible staffing model for them. To achieve this, Stephanie hired people that specialize in the industries that they serve. Today AAP is an industry leader in strategic workforce solutions and delivers a wide range of staffing services with superior service and commitment at the forefront. “We come in more as consultants than just a staffing company,” says Stephanie Tempo, President of AAP.

With the advent of technological disruption in the industry, most of the staffing companies today have moved away from grassroots recruiting. Meanwhile, AAP establishes its success by utilizing grassroots recruiting with a profound understanding of candidate choices. “It is about getting to know who your candidates are from a community perspective, where they want their jobs and everything that molds their choices. We conduct market research where we find our employees both from a virtual recruiting standpoint and also from a face to face standpoint. While a lot of staffing companies nowadays post an ad and expect candidates to apply so that they can get their orders filled, we believe that’s not the case. Not only we educate our candidates and employees who we are as a company, but we also educate the organizations we serve, so they have options and choices,” explains Stephanie.

Unique to AAP is its stellar executive team of industry specialists with more than 20 years of experience. This allows the company to deliver industry-specific staffing models customized for organizations. “We are able to tap in the best people as we have resources and industry experts to find employees that our competitors cannot,” asserts Stephanie.

AAP offers comprehensive services such as temporary placement, temporary-to hire, permanent placement, and vendor on-premise. The company provides temporary employees with an extensive interview and screening processes, ensuring reliable and flexible staff. While hiring new employees involves risk, AAP offers a temporary-to-hire program to enable the clients to observe the employee in real world scenarios before hiring. The program includes a trial period where the employee and client have time to establish a working relationship without the pressure of commitment. Meanwhile, the employee will get a better feel for the company before making it a career. Vendor on-premise service includes on-site representatives who work at the client location to provide a managed temporary workforce program. “We go in and manage those agencies with our technology and timekeeping system on behalf of the client. We also offer payroll services and streamline the billing process to one invoice,” states Stephanie. The on-site program has proved to be an added value to clients, and there are many instances where the client’s employee base was staffed entirely by AAP. Further, for permanent placement, the company has a professional services division named Tempo Professional Services, which undertakes the time-consuming hiring process from narrowing down candidates to interviewing and negotiating salary. Realizing that candidates for the permanent position should be qualified, talented, and actively seeking the position, AAP utilizes a thorough screening and interviewing process to select candidates that fit the unique needs of organizations.

AAP provides its ingenious services with a client-centric approach. The company has established a comprehensive plan for the continuous improvement of clients. The process begins with the assessment of the client’s business, culture, and unique needs. AAP also analyzes the accidents or injuries that occurred to realize the safe environment provided by clients. “We then establish goals and objectives ensuring safety and operational procedures are followed,” remarks Stephanie. Once AAP determines how fit they are with the client, the operations team is sent to identify cost reduction recommendations and potential process improvements. Further, an analysis of marketplace and trends along with the assessment of delivery models available is carried out. The company creates clear documentation that quantifies all relevant program data and opportunities for improvement. Tapping in industry expertise and resources, an optimal solution is designed to drive efficiency and productivity. AAP does not stop its services there. With the aim to translate the plan to a coherent and measurable business case, the company provides actionable steps for its implementation along with the tracking and reporting of results.

Stephanie highlights an instance where AAP helped a consumer goods company to manage their staff effectively. The client faced issues with production, quality, and time management, which resulted in disrepute and increased turnover. The company stepped in and redefined the program they needed. AAP provided a management team for the client, which later became part of the operations team. Further, the company installed a timekeeping system to tackle billing issues. AAP put in place various programs such as employee training and safety performance recognition programs. Also, a retention model was set up, which recognized and offered benefits to employees who spent years with the client. The benefits included a pay increase, holiday plans, promotions, merit reviews, and perfect attendance awards. The management team from AAP conducted a cross-training program where every employee was trained in everything to ensure the improvement of their skill sets. For instance, if an employee was weak in a particular field, he was trained in that specific area and vice-versa. Through these diligent measures by AAP, the client was able to retain all their staff, and the retention rate increased from 40 percent to 98.9 percent.

Having carved a unique niche in the staffing space, AAP had seen exponential growth last year. The company is community-oriented and part of the Society of Human Resource Management, all local chambers of commerce, community organizations, state, and national staffing associations. Moving ahead, AAP plans for geographical expansion across the country and add more professional services to its portfolio. With an aim to work more with the on-site program, AAP looks forward to expanding its professional and industrial offerings.