Why does HR exist? 

Isn’t it our job to form sure any company recruits, retains, rewards, trains and develops the simplest people needed to enable the organization to accomplish its mission and its business goals?

In today’s economic climate, all organizations are in transformation because the world is in transformation! And as this affects every single employee, we'd like a more transformational mindset in HR. Nothing goes to face still anymore and alter is constant. Our biggest ambition is around really engaging with our people and taking them with us on our change journey, ensuring that they're invested during a joint future. “We can tell people what we would like to try to, but unless they’re on board and a neighborhood of it, then we’ll never be quite as successful as we might be. ”Rachel Blackett, head of culture change and engagement, Royal Mail.

HR is the first interaction that a lot of people have with a corporation. From the receptionist to the recruiter to the hiring manager, customer service skills must be front and center with every interaction.

Inaccurate information, rudeness, non-attention and every one the opposite competencies of bad behavior do tons more harm to far more than simply the person who is on the receiving end. This wrong behavior and therefore the narrative surrounding it is spread like someone with a megaphone.

I often hear people within the HR profession say they're in our business because they LOVE people. That being the case, how can we mistreat something that we LOVE by not focusing constantly on customer service, up/down/across the organization?

To ensure high levels of consumer satisfaction, it's important for HR to repeatedly measure and monitor the requirements of our various customers, determine how well it's meeting those needs and identify any areas that represent gaps.

This needs analysis, balancing various perspectives and determining which priorities to deal with.

We are all conscious of the strain involved in HR. Internal customer needs are often in conflict, external needs are changing, and therefore the role involves a good range of responsibilities. Effective HR professionals understand the importance of that specializes in the requirements of consumers to make sure our ability to serve the broader organization.

Every interaction is a chance to point out what we in HR are all about. Never let any opportunity to feature value and excel pass you by.

In order for our profession to vary, in many cases, WE may all need to change.